We Craft Stories With Vision

We are Jakarta-based design-oriented social enterprise art group founded and run by writer/illustrator Bonni Rambatan and product designer Naomi Saddhadhika.

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Things We Craft

We craft possibilities. We hack away problems. We design for hope.

We specialize in crafting narrative experiences with meaningful stories, relatable characters, and innovative media experimentations. Comics, toys, merchandise, installations—you name it.

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Stories We Tell

We tell good stories. We tell stories of characters you can fall in love with.

Sometimes we tell them through comics. Sometimes through animation, or card games, or children's toys. Other times, an audio experience, or an interactive web app. Most of the time, it's a mixture of those things.

Check out the RSDF YouTube Playlist.

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Creatives We Work With

Falissa Putri of KliKonsul.com is our legal consultant. Adhytia Putra of Crate Gallery is our photography associate. Alexander Sie To of STTS Consultancy is our IT consultant. Dina Kosasih of MakeDoNia Makerspace is our maker movement associate.

Yustina Antonio, Grace Djiauw, and Dwinanda Edo are some of the talented illustrators we work with. Abraham Derri sculpts our amazing toys and action figures. Bella Aprilia of Purplebelle Factory makes the prettiest clothes for these beauties.

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Our Vision For You

You want more edge for your campaign. One with a more meaningful, engaging story—one with characters your audience can love. Maybe the issue you're trying to deliver is a little complex, and you need something that can make things accessible.

Contact us now, and let's have a talk. letshavecoffee@rambatansaddhadhika.co.id. We'll take you out for actual coffee if you're around. It'll be fun.